Welcome to the online store of Illustrator and Graphic Designer - Matt Glasby. Where you can pick up limited edition prints, original artwork and limited runs of self published comics and zines.

Inspired by a healthy obsession with all things American and an (un) healthy dose of sci-fi and horror growing up, artwork is often an amalgamation of these things. Fun looking images often have a dark undertone. Working in a graphic style of illustration often using bold colours but in a refined colour palette.

Self published comics and zines:

My comics and zines are printed and assembled by myself, all artwork is hand drawn and digitised in my spare time. Often zines can be low quality, xeroxed booklets that keep true to the lo-fi origins. I like to try aim for somewhere in between that and a high quality book, so print on heavyweight paper and often in full colour.


All Giclée prints are of the highest quality and are produced by Brighton based Tin Dogs Fine Art Prints, who supplies leading galleries through out the country. All prints are numbered and signed when in an 'edition' and are checked over as they come off the press to ensure only the highest standard printing is achieved. 

Happy browsing.